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An Inside Look at Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drugs

What are Prescription Drugs?

Prescription Drugs are substances or items whose use, possession, or purchase undertaken in a legal fashion is permissible with regard to applicable jurisdictional statutory legislature; in order for Prescription Drugs to be considered as such, the individual in possession of the Prescription Drugs in question will be required to obtain the expressed permission granted from the Federal Government of the United States and the prescription of the Prescription Drugs in question from a certified medical practitioner.

Controlled Substances

The usage, possession, or purchase of Prescription Drugs considered being controlled substances undertaken without either of the requirements listed above typically result in a variety of criminal charges equivalent to criminal charges associated with illegal drugs:

Prescription Drugs classified as Illegal Drugs

In contrast to the usage and possession of controlled substances, whose legality is contingent upon authorized permission granted by regulatory institutions and professionals, Prescription Drugs classified as illegal are uniformly prohibited. Drugs are defined as prescription drugs are typically classified as such due to the fact that they have been manufactured in order to specifically target certain areas of both the physical body or the neurological system - comprised of the human brain and central nervous system, in order to remedy or adjust physiological predicaments.

The Medical Marijuana Debate

Medical Marijuana – whose legal usage and prescription – allows for its classification as a prescription drug is the form of the Cannabis plant that has been deemed as valuable and effective in the treatment of a number of medical – and health – maladies, including certain types of cancer and glaucoma.

Medical Marijuana can be prescribed to specific patients residing in specific locations upon being granted expressed permission from an approved and accredited health professional; however, any activity that takes place involving Medical Marijuana existing outside of its intended usage is a punishable offense.

Criminal Charges Associated with Prescription Drugs

Amongst the multitude of classifications inherent to the drug industry within modernity – ranging in legality, accessibility, and punitive recourse concerning the possession of Prescription Drugs, the following criminal charges may be applicable to individuals undertaking the use of Prescription Drugs:

The Illegal Possession and Sale of Prescription Drugs

A charge furnishing details expressing the illegal possession of Prescription Drugs may be defined as the unlawful, illicit, and prohibited ownership of Prescription Drugs; however, the nature within which the individual suspect in question gained access to the Prescription Drugs may also be associated with the investigation.

Akin the legality surrounding prescription drugs, the authorized possession and disbursement of these drugs is not inherently a crime; however, the illicit sale, exchange, or possession of prescription drugs will typically mirror the criminal charges associated with illegal drugs not considered to be controlled substances.

Reporting Illegal Activity Involving Prescription Drugs

In the event that you have been made aware of the illegal usage, sale, cultivation, or possession of Prescription Drugs, you are encouraged to come forward and report these offenses to local law enforcement agencies stationed within your respective residence. Please contact the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) their telephone number (202) 307-1000 or your local ‘Crime-Stoppers’ organization if you have any information.

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