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Guide to Illicit Drugs

Illicit Drugs

What is the Illicit Drug Trade?

The Illicit or Illegal drug trade refers to the global black market, dedicated towards the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and subsequent sale of those drugs which are considered illegal and subject to drug prohibition regulation.

The majority of legal jurisdictions throughout the world prohibit the illicit drug trade, except for those sellers who are licensed to conduct business under the drug prohibition laws. Reports have estimated that the drug trade generated an estimated $321 billion dollars in 2005 in the United States, with a global GDP of roughly $36 trillion dollars in the same fiscal year. As a result of these figures, it may be estimated that slightly less than 1% of total global commerce is accounted for by the illicit drug trade.

What is Drug Cultivation?

Within the scope of illicit drugs and controlled-substances, Drug Cultivation is defined as the production, creation, conception, or generation of a prohibited, illegal substance without the expressed permission of a governing body or administration.

The realms and circumstances surrounding Drug Cultivation are extensive in their nature; due to the varied ingredients, legality, creation process, equipment, and availability with regard to the cultivation of specific drugs, Drug Cultivation – as well as its applicable legality - is vast.

Criminal Law involving Drug Cultivation is expansive in nature, which creates difficulty with regard to any absolution in the classification of a drug charge; however, the act of Drug Cultivation normally contingent on the amount of drugs discovered in the possession of those involved, as well as the intended use of the amassment of drugs in question.

Legal Penalties of the Illicit Drug Trade:

In many countries throughout the world, the illicit drug trade (also known as drug smuggling) carries a severe penalty, including the death penalty (in nations such as Singapore and China). In the United States, Federal law dictates that first time offenders be sentenced to a minimum term of imprisonment which equates to a 1 to 3 average.

Drug trafficking is commonly regarded as the most serious of drug offenses in the world; however, sentencing is typically dependent on the type of drug (particularly how the drug is classified in the country into which it is being trafficked) and where the drugs are sold and how they are distributed.

For example, if the illicit drugs are sold to or distributed by minors, the penalties for trafficking may be harsher or more lenient depending on the country. Although the penalties are exceedingly harsh in the majority of nations throughout the world, the exorbitant profits and constant demand for illicit drugs are more than enough reason to encourage traffickers and smugglers from participating in the illicit drug trade.

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