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The Latest Drug Abuse Statistics

Drug Abuse Statistics

The Findings of Drug Abuse Statistics

Drug Abuse Statistics are figures furnished subsequent to the analysis, investigation, and study of drug abuse; the nature of Drug Abuse Statistics are accumulated and synthesized with regard to a variety of demographics latent within the general population of the United States of America, as well as the investigation of the types of drugs – as well as the rate of usage related to individual and collective drug abuse.

The Latest Drug Abuse Statistics

The following are amongst the most recent Drug Abuse Statistics furnished by professionals responsible for the process and procedure undertaken for the collection and subsequent disbursement of Drug Abuse Statistics; this process of drug abuse determination undertaken by medical professionals and drug counselors utilizes a wide range of factors, analysis, and observation of habitual behaviors concerning both the usage, as well as the reliance on illegal drugs.

Due to the fact that drug abuse is considered as rooted within the psychological profile of an individual, as well as their physiology, the classification of the risks, levels, and severity of drug abuse is rarely uniform:

Almost 1 in 4 unplanned deaths taking place within the United States are the result of drug abuse

Upwards of half of individuals reported to abuse drugs claim that they had been enabled or pressured to first experiment with drugs

Drug withdrawal is defined as the physiological manifestation of the body or mind belonging to an individual abusing drugs resulting in a reliance on the respective drug; also known as addiction, the avoidance of withdrawal symptoms are reported as being the primary reason for continued drug use

Within the service and hospitality industry, upwards of 50% of personnel report personal struggles with drug abuse

¾’s of domestic violence reports involve individuals considered to be abusing drugs

The average age that an American has reported first experimenting with drugs or alcohol is reported as being between 12 and 13 years old

Upwards of half of the American population has reported knowing an individual addicted to or abusing drugs – or struggling with their own drug abuse problem

Accessing Drug Abuse Statistics

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is a Federal Agency mandated by the Federal Government of the United States responsible for the administration, oversight, analysis, and disbursement of essential findings on drug addiction, drug abuse facts, and drug abuse statistics in order to raise the collective awareness of the general citizenry of the United States of America:

Through the methodologies and ideologies undertaken by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, both the protection of the American public from the dangers and devastation connected to drug abuse - as well as the prevention of drug abuse takes place through the provision of Drug Abuse Statistics and programs illustrating the dangers, risks, and destruction caused by drug abuse

In the event that you wish to obtain supplemental Drug Abuse Statistics, you are encouraged to contact the National Institute on Drug Abuse through the following means:

National Institute on Drug Abuse and National Institutes of Health

6001 Executive Boulevard - Room 5213

Bethesda, Maryland


(301) 443-1124

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